Online Coaching for Immediate Results,
Online Mentoring for Inner Development

Every day is full of thoughts, and how you think influences how you live. When you have bad days it is because your thought energy is not connected, and when you have good days when everything comes together, it  is due to how your thought energy creates connections to your past thought patterns and your aims for the future. From thoughts that crowd your head to thoughts that make you feel down, to thoughts that inspire you and help you to create successful outcomes, how you think has a powerful influence on the quality of your life and health.

Thoughts are behaviours and they influence your emotions, feelings and senses. Thoughts can make you feel unsafe, safe, strong or weak, angry or content, peaceful and balanced. How you think can be  your greatest asset or your weakest link.

Daily living is the experience of thoughts becoming events and how you understand and apply them. The methods I am using are based upon an ancient Tibetan system of thought, behaviour and mental development , described in my best selling book, The Tibetan Art of Positive Thinking. Hundreds of readers have contacted me over the years asking if I  could teach  these methods outside of the book. This website is the result of that request. I offer coaching and mentoring to anyone who wants to change the way they think in order to create a more successful life. Please click on  the book title above in blue to know more about the book. Read on to learn more about coaching and mentoring that I offer.

Coaching sessions are forty minutes, one or two hours in length and can be weekly, twice a month or monthly. Coaching sessions are focused on creating immediate results to help you overcome obstacles of any kind. Whatever the problem, there is a solution. The Tibetan Art of Positive Thinking can be used to deal with conflicts between people: work problems, relationship problems, neighbourhood problems. You can learn how to create,  gain and maintain success, increase your money flow, improve creativity, or to find powerful ways to start new ventures. Whatever the aim you have in mind, you can learn how to build the life you want. Coaching can be used for short term and long term aims and goals.

Mentoring is for those who would like to go into a deeper process in clearing their lives of obstacles and unhelpful patterns of thinking. Each session is two hours long. This mentoring programme is also for those who would like to teach these methods to other people. The mentoring programme is weekly over 26 weeks. The six month mentoring programme is a tool of self development and creates a deeper connection to Life. After successful completion of the 26 week programme you can teach basic methods to help other people deal with simple solutions by turning unskilful thinking into skilful thinking for successful living.

I use a secure online video program to run the sessions which I invite you to use by email, once a session is booked in. Please go to Consult with Christopher to find out more about how to make an appointment and the fees I charge. You can also email me  in this section of the website.